Yoga anyone?

Feb 6, 2019 | Yoga Therapy

Anyone can do yoga if they want to.

Unfortunately, most of us have been exposed to images of fit, hyper-mobile people in complex yoga poses or heard of challenging yoga styles like Power, Hot or Acro yoga.

There are so many messages out there that just end up adding to the idea yoga is not for most people.

In fact, it doesn’t matter about your fitness level, age or state of health, yoga requires little equipment and it’s adaptable. A yoga practice can be designed just for you to improve your health and well-being on a number of levels; it can even challenge you to expand your ideas of life, at any age.

I came to yoga later in my life, with some resistance – no faith or expectation for growth. The idea of what yoga could offer motivated me more than my physical abilities or inabilities.

But it wasn’t until I started a simple daily practice that the reality of yoga’s benefits became apparent. My spine and other joints strengthened and increased in flexibility. My blood pressure dropped, my confidence in what I can do has increased and I can access a sense of peace, space and gratitude that only continues to grow with practice.

My overall health is better and I’ve seen many other people’s health improve too.

Many people and health practitioners are still unaware of the healing benefits of yoga and how Yoga Therapy naturally complements traditional care. Thankfully that’s changing as the science to back up its many benefits increases.

Yoga Therapy can help anyone who wants to change.

We are all individuals who will likely experience discomfort and or chronic or acute diseases or ailments. Yoga Therapy accepts that each individual will need their own practice or therapy because of their history, beliefs, life experience, goals and ability to meet change.

It’s not competitive and you don’t have to be sick to benefit from it. But there’s no doubt the relief of symptoms that reduce quality of life, through a simple daily practice, is a great medicine.

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