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Apr 11, 2019 | Yoga Therapy

Life is full of ups and downs – it’s a part of the rhythm of life.

From the many small moments of frustration and relief to the larger experiences of struggle and work that provide a conscious sense of achievement and delight, we live through the beat of day to day life.

Without these changes, stagnancy and resistance can take hold, while our ability to recognise and ride the waves of regeneration helps us to fully live. Our awareness of each climb and descent offers an opportunity to grow and integrate both within and without.

Daily yoga practice allows us to embody and explore life experiences on physical, intellectual and spiritual levels.

Returning again and again to the mat and our own changing nature through the experience of our body, our thinking, and our heart and soul each day becomes a lifelong practice of finding new acceptance and inspiration to become greater than ourselves.

In our practice, we experiment with the miracle of life through sensations caused by expansion and contraction of the body and breath, how we experience and react to the familiar and newly discovered and where our limits have expanded or stabilised.

My experience is that for all the benefits and richness of yoga study and learning it’s only in the practice that we fully experience the joy and freedom of being.

Think of your practice being complementary to your life. Try it.

Do your yoga. Everyday.

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